The History of Vox Guitars

Jennings Musical Instruments Ltd. began distributing musical instruments in the early  1950s, but by the late 1950s, JMI (which by this time was called Jennings Musical Industries) had decided to market  Vox electric guitars, the first of which were budget model guitars built by Guyatone of Japan(based on their LG-40, Lg-50, and Lg-60 guitars and branded Vox, and then built in the U.K.  by Stuart Darkins & Co.,  factory that produced furniture. Then in early 1961, Jennings made Vox guitars at the Jennings factory in Dartford, Kent. The first new high-end Vox models were the Escort and Consort.  Jennings also commisioned the … [Read more...]

Guitars of the Stones

Brian Jones      The early days found the Stones playing the Ealing club. Brian Jones used a Harmony Stratotone Mars H46 model. This guitar was a semi-hollow flattop single-cutaway with a "bolt-on" neck, two DeArmond pickups, and a sunburst finish. In the summer of 1963, just after their first single, "Come On", was recorded,  he replaced the Stratotone with a 1963 Gretsch model 6118 Double Anniversary in two tone green. He used this guitar during the first American tour and recording sessions at Chess studios in June of 1964.  During these sessions he also played an unidentified 12 string guitar tuned 7 half steps lower than Keith's … [Read more...]